Interactive Trade-Show Panel

One of our clients came to us with a task of coming up with a concept for an interactive panel that would be used for the upcoming trade-show of theirs. We had a little bit of sparse information to work with, and a pretty open blank slate when it came to aesthetics. Although we were able to produce various 3D CGI object and images in the house, the client actually requested a more graphic ("flat") approach to the overall look and feel. My starting point in designing this interactive panel was the placement of a device and the way a potential user will engage with it. Questions about size of the interactive panel size, placement within the booth, relative proximity to the aisle, how noticeable should it be, to what is the goal of this experience that the client is trying to achieve, and ultimately what is the main purpose of it. With all of that in mind, I wanted to create something that a visitor to the booth would get curious about, either passing by or potentially egging initially in conversation with the vendors. And naturally once they start exploring and interacting are we presenting data in a way that is easily digestible and engaging.

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